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Improved Signature Features in WPS PDF

March 12, 2024

In the digital age, signing and initialing PDFs has become an important part of our daily workflow. WPS PDF, a versatile and user-friendly tool, simplifies this process, offering efficient ways to add your signature or initials to electronic documents. This How-to guide will walk you through the steps of signing and adding initials using WPS PDF, and we'll also introduce the feature of Cloud Sync, allowing you to store your signature for easy accessibility across devices.

How to Add Signature with WPS PDF

Step 1: Open the PDF document or form that you want to sign

Step 2: Click Fill & Sign > Add Signature

Step 3: Choose from three methods:

  • Method 1: Input: Use the input method if you need to quickly add a signature by typing your name. It's ideal for situations where efficiency and simplicity are paramount. Type your name in the field and change the font face and color according to your preference.

  • Method 2: Image: Opt for the image method when you want to include a pre-existing signature image. This method is useful when you have a scanned or digitally created signature image. Browse and select a signature image,  and WPS PDF will extract handwriting directly.

  • Method 3: Draw: Choose the draw method when you prefer a unique, hand-drawn signature. This is beneficial in situations where you want to add a personalized, handwritten touch to your document. Draw your signature in the field.

Step 4: Click OK, then click at the place in the PDF where you want to place the signature.

Step 5: Click Apply to multiple pages and specify the page range for your signature or initials.

The Extract Handwriting Script Feature in WPS PDF

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where, while attempting to insert a signature picture, you had to undergo the tedious process of preparing the image by removing its background? Now, WPS PDF's Extract Handwriting Script feature eliminates this step, enabling you to seamlessly integrate handwriting scripts directly without the need for background pre-processing.

Steps: Click Fill & Sign > Add Signature/Initials > Image > Extract handwriting script

How to Add Initials with WPS PDF

Adding your initials to a PDF document is a quick and essential task, often required in legal or space-constrained scenarios. For example, in legal agreements, adding initials to each page or specific clauses signifies formal consent. Now, WPS PDF introduces the feature of adding initials, meeting all your signing needs.

Steps: Click Fill & Sign > Add Initials > Input/Image/Draw

For first-time signers, the Add Signature or Add Initials panel appears. WPS PDF will automatically recognizes your account, extracts your name, and fills in your signature or initials. If you've added signatures before, choose from displayed options and place them in the desired PDF location.

After adding a signature or initials,  you can click "Apply" to position them, "Delete" to remove unwanted ones, and "Apply to Multiple Pages" to specify the page range.

Cloud Sync Your Signature to Sign Anywhere and Anytime

WPS PDF offers the convenience of Cloud Sync, allowing you to store your signature securely in the cloud. So when you need to add signature or initials, you can turn on the Cloud Sync button. By logging into the same account, you can use your signatures across any device, provided that WPS is installed. This feature not only enhances accessibility but also ensures consistency in your electronic signatures and initials across multiple platforms.

Now armed with this guide, you can efficiently add your signature or initials to any PDF document using WPS PDF, catering to various real-world scenarios and compliance needs.

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