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How to Add Superscript in WPS Spreadsheet [Easy Way]

September 21, 2023

WPS Office is a suite of office productivity software that includes a spreadsheet application. Spreadsheets are used to store and organize data in rows and columns. Sometimes, users of WPS spreadsheet may need to superscript text, such as exponents or footnotes. Superscripting text raises it above the normal line of text.This article will introduce a guide on how to superscript text in WPS spreadsheet, so even beginners can follow it.

Part 1. What is Superscript?

Superscript is a typographical format where text or numbers are displayed in a smaller size and raised slightly above the baseline. It is often used to denote footnotes, mathematical exponents, or emphasize specific characters. This formatting style adds clarity and elegance to documents by placing certain elements above the regular text, making them stand out and facilitating better comprehension.


  • E=mc²: In this famous equation, the superscript "²" is applied to the "c," representing the speed of light, indicating "c squared" and highlighting its significance in the equation.

  • H₂O: This chemical formula for water employs a superscript "₂" to indicate that there are two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom.

  • 10²: In this mathematical expression, the superscript "²" is applied to the number "10," signifying "ten squared," which equals 100.

  • X⁴Y: This expression features the superscript "⁴" attached to the "X," emphasizing that X is raised to the fourth power, followed by the character "Y."

Part 2. How to Add Superscript in WPS Spreadsheet?

Method 1 Navigate Home tab

Step 1 Select characters in a cell or cell range for formatting.

Step 2 Navigate to the Home tab, in the Font group. Click the Orientation

Step 3 Then select Format Cell Alignment

Or you can right click on your selected character and click Format Cells

Step 4 Under Effects, check the Superscript then click OK.

This method is a bit more visually involved, but it gives you more control over the formatting of the superscript.

Method 2 Shortcut

Step 1 Highlight the characters.

Step 2 Use the keyboard shortcut:

Press Ctrl + 1.

Press Alt + E

Step 3 Finally, press Enter to apply. Enjoy effortless superscripts in WPS Spreadsheet!

This method is the quickest and easiest way to add superscript in WPS Spreadsheet.



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1. What is the difference between subscript and superscript?

Superscript positions letters or numbers slightly above the baseline, often above preceding text in a cell.

Subscript situates characters or strings just below the text baseline.

2. Can you copy and paste the superscript?

Copying from the formula bar (in edit mode) only copies the text, not the formatting which is a property of the cell itself.

To copy and paste formatting, copy the entire cell and paste it over another cell. Then, edit the text in the new cell to retain the formatting (provided you don't delete the formatted characters).

3. How do you find and replace superscripts?

To find and replace superscripts in WPS Spreadsheet, open the Find and Replace Dialog Box (Ctrl + F or via the Home tab), input the superscript value you want to find in the "Find what" field, define the replacement value  in the "Replace with" field. Expand the dialog box with "More >>," check "Match case" and "Match entire cell contents," click "Format," choose "Font," select "Superscript" in the Font dialog box, and click "OK." This process efficiently handles superscript substitutions in your WPS Spreadsheet documents.


In summary, this guide has equipped users with a comprehensive understanding of mastering superscripts in WPS Spreadsheet in 2023. It explains the concept of superscripts and their practical applications with examples. The guide offers two methods for adding superscripts in WPS Spreadsheet, providing flexibility and control.

It also highlights the appeal of WPS Office as a free office suite with seamless compatibility with Microsoft Office files and a range of productivity features. With this comprehensive knowledge, you're not only able to harness the full potential of superscripts but also make the most of WPS Office, enhancing your overall productivity and working experience.

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