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How to Adjust Excel Cells to Fit Text

August 1, 2022

In Excel, the row height and column width of every cell are set to the same value by default when you start a new worksheet. When entering text into a spreadsheet cell, if the following column has data and the text you entered is too lengthy, it will either flow over into the next blank cell or be cut off by the data in the cells next to it. If you have a lot of data, there is a better method to show it that is easily accessible even if you can enlarge the columns. There are several ways to fit a lengthy paragraph. Therefore, we will go into depth about each of these strategies in this post.

Broaden the column's width:

More text space will be available when the column width is increased, but every column cell will also become wider. The column width can be changed from 8.43 standard font characters to a maximum of 250. Take the following actions to accomplish this:

1) Insert lengthy text into the column.

2) Now position the mouse pointer on the vertical line just to the right of the top column's first letter. For instance, if you entered anything in cell A4, indicate to the vertical line that separates the characters A and B in the column. The + symbol with arrows on each side will replace the pointer.

3) The column will automatically adjust to fit the lengthy material when you double-click a line. The line can also be manually resized by dragging.

Embedding Text:

Use the Wrap Text to Fit option if the text is too long to fit in the column but you don't want it to spill into neighbouring cells. With Excel's Word Wrap feature, you can extend text across many horizontal lines while also raising the height of every cell in that row. Take the following actions to accomplish this:

1) Decide which cells you want to wrap text around.

2) Select Alignment and then Wrap Text.

Double-click the wrap text icon in the third step.

Note: Since the data in the cell wraps to fit the column width, changing the column width also affects how the data is wrapped.

Combine cells:

Text can span many column widths in a single cell by merging cells, although this option is only accessible if the neighbouring cells are empty. Take the following actions to accomplish this:

1) Hover your cursor over any number of empty cells next to the text-filled cell on the same row.

2) The second step is to select Merge Cells in the Alignment tab.

3) Select Merge Cells by double-clicking.

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