Wrap text in a cell

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Wrap text in a cell

Wrap text in a cell

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Graphic skills

When we edit a document, we only need to press the Enter key on the keyboard to wrap text. 

When we edit spreadsheets, we press the Enter key to edit the cells in the next line, then how can we wrap text in a cell? This video could help to solve the problem of Wrap text in a cell and could be also used in Microsoft Office Excel and Openoffice.


The first method is to use the shortcut key Alt + Enter ; we can wrap text in a cell as we need.



The second method is to click the Home tab and the Wrap Text button. Cell contents will be wrapped automatically according to the column width.



But when we perform Wrap Text on the text content in the merged cell, we will find that the text content cannot be displayed completely in the merged cell. At this time, we need to expand the line width so that all the text can be displayed.