How to compare two columns in WPS Office Excel

March 18, 2022

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Are you feeling dizzy faced with a table that contains mass data? It would be quite a strain having to compare two columns of data with the naked eye. Luckily, youve discovered a practical tutorial on how to compare two columns in WPS Office Excel. Read the following content that relieves the monotony of your work!

There are many methods to compare two columns in WPS Office. In this tutorial, we take the Conditional Formatting function as an example.

· Steps to compare two columns in WPS Office Excel.

Here we have a table of performance and suppose we want to compare the employees performance in these two months to find whether they made progress in February.

1. Select the cell range to format according to specified conditional rules.

2. Head to the Home tab > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Greater Than.

3. Input the cell range to refer to. We need to format the cells in column E if they are greater than those in column D, so we select $D$3 and change it to $D3.

(The symbol $ means absolute reference, and $D3 means the referenced row will change with the source cells while the referenced column is fixed.)

4. Then set the format for the cells that meet the conditional rules.

5. Click OK. Now you can easily find those employees who made progress in February.

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