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How to crop a photo into a circle in WPS Office PowerPoint

February 25, 2022

Welcome to WPS Official Academy! Are you looking for practical skills to elaborate your slides? In this free tutorial, you will be able to check the contents of how to crop a photo into a circle within simple 4 steps in WPS Office PowerPoint.

After inserting or creating a desired image, you may need to crop the image into the desired shape.

Now let's explore step by step.

lHere are the steps to crop a photo into a circle in WPS Office PowerPoint

1. Click the photo you want to crop, and go to the Picture Tools tab.

2. Click the Crop drop-down button, and you can choose from 8 categories of shapes under the Crop by Shape option.

3. Select Oval in the drop-down menu. In the Crop Panel on the right of the image, you can adjust its shape and scale.

4. Click the Crop button or anywhere on the slide to finish this operation.

Well done! Now you have successfully cropped the photo to a circle. In addition, you can repeat the above steps to crop your image into different shapes as needed.

lWhat is WPS Presentation?

WPS Presentation is a module of the powerful WPS Office suite, which is regarded as the best alternative to Microsoft Office suite. In addition to abundant PPT templates, WPS Presentation provides hundreds of practical features, including animations, transitions, slide show and so on, for you to customize your PPT design.

Wehave learned about how to crop a photo into a circle in the text above.

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In WPS free PowerPoint tutorial, Wehavelearned how to use themes and background styles of presentations, and do more to create standout presentations. All WPS Presentation tutorials are free for students, teachers, business users and more, and WPS Office can be downloaded free on Windows, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

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