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How to Delete Pages in Word on Windows and Mac

July 22, 2022

How to delete pages in word on windows & Mac? Deleting extra pages in the words always gives you a sense of relief and makes your workflow better. In other words, documents with extra or blank pages look very unprofessional. As you know the setting of the keyboard is different on Windows and Mac 2010 in that situation a beginner-level person can’t understand and delete pages. Here you’ll understand a complete guide on How to delete pages in word on windows& Mac.

How to delete pages in word on PC?

In windows commands that are used to delete a page are different from the Mac. Here are the few steps that you need to follow to delete pages in words on windows. Follow them in an organized way and learn from visuals to delete pages in word on PC.

1 Open a page Now click anywhere on the page and CTRL+G.

2 Enter a page number or click on / page.

3 Make sure the page number is correct.

4 Press the delete button to delete the page in word on PC.

These four steps are easy to follow and a beginner-level person could easily understand how to delete pages in word on Pa c.

How to delete pages in word on Mac

Deleting a page on a mac is not very difficult in comparison to deleting it on a PC. The only thing that you need to know is just the use of a few keys to delete pages in word on Mac. Here are the step-by-step ways of deleting the pages in word on Mac.

1 Open a page that you want to delete and click anywhere.

2 Press press Option+⌘+G.

3 Enter the number or the page by entering the / page, box.

4 For closing the window press Enter.

5 Select the content and press the delete button.

By using this step-by-step method you can easily delete the page on Mac 2013 or Mac 2016 or other systems.

How to delete several blank pages in a word?

Here’s how you can delete several blank pages in word by following this step-by-step method.

1 Open a document and click on the start of the document.

2 Hold shift and drag to the bottom of the page and click.

3 press the delete key to start deleting blank pages in word documents.

4 Pressing the delete key, again and again, forward the process of deletion in a sequence.

5 Continue by pressing the delete key until the last page is deleted.

How to remove multiple page breaks in word document

Once you face the problem of multiple page breaks you’ve to follow the same steps to remove the page breaks.

1 Start by clicking on the Home tab.

2 Words shows you Replace option “ Find and Replace”.

3 Click on the Find What option then selects the manual page break from the different options.

4 Now word shows you Replace with option and click Replace All.

All these steps are easy to use and help you to remove multiple page breaks in the word. In other words, all the guide are based on the fact that helps peoples to find the answer to their question about How to delete word pages.

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