How to insert blank pages and page breaks

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How to insert blank pages and page breaks

How to insert blank pages and page breaks

Sometimes we need to insert a new page when editing a document in WPS Writer.

Two methods are available in WPS Office: inserting blank pages and page breaks.

·1. Insert Blank Pages

Click Edit and click Tools. In the Insert tab, we can select Portrait Blank Page or Landscape Blank Page as needed.

We take Portrait Blank Page as an example. Then a new blank page appears in this document.

We can continue to edit in the new page.

· 2. Insert Page Breaks

Position the cursor at the end of the first paragraph and select Page Break to split the content above and below the cursor into two pages.  

· 3. Delete Pages

How can we delete blank pages or page breaks? Open the input method and press the backspace key.

More powerful functions are provided in WPS Office for PC, and we recommend exploring them.