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How to duplicate a Page in Word WPS Office

July 22, 2022

If you are using the word preparing any kind of report, you will need this method,duplicating a page in word, because it can be a massive time-saver. There are plenty of reasons why you want to know? The process to copy a page in Word is simple, but it varies slightly depending on the document you have. Today we’re going to cover how to duplicate a page in Word documents, as well as how to insert a new blank page to do with what you want. Let's get started. You can  use this function on mac.

How to duplicate a single page in Word?

If your current document has only one page, copying and pasting it within your document is simple.

Step 1: Select all the contents on the page using one of these methods:

1. Press Ctrl+ A.

2. Click Select >Select Allfrom the Home tab.

3. Drag your cursor through the entire contents.

Step 2: Then, copy those contents select one of these methods:

1. Press Ctrl+ C.

2. Click Copyon the Home.

3. Right-click and select Copy.

Step 3: Next, place your cursor at the end of the page go to the Insert tab and click Blank Page in the Pages section of the ribbon.

Step 4: Your cursor should now appear at the top of the new blank page. Paste the contents you just copied choose one of these methods:

1. Press Ctrl+ V.

2. Click Paste on the Home

3. Right-click and pick Paste.

How to duplicate a page in word multiple times?

If your document has multiple pages and you only want to duplicate one, use the same type of copy/paste actions but only select the text on the page you want to copy.

How to duplicate a page in word?

1. Place your cursor at the end of a page where you want to insert the new, soon-to-be duplicated page. 

2. Then, on the Insert tab, click Blank Page.

3. Paste the contents you just copied using one of the methods above.


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