How to edit images in PDF

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How to edit images in PDF

How to edit images in PDF

How to edit images in PDF

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Sometimes, we need to adjust or replace the images in PDF files. Don't bother to convert file formats while editing with the Edit Image function in WPS.


Take this PDF file as an example.

Click Edit on the upper left corner of the user interface, then get into Edit Image in the bottom toolbar. Then, you can edit images in the dashed boxes.

Select an image to adjust its size and location.


Click any image, and then you can choose to flip, rotate, change the transparency, or delete it.


Click the image again, and we can select Extract Image in the pop-up options window. In this case, we want to extract the images of hat and island. Click Extract to save them in your phone’s album.

You can also Replace images. Click the hat and select Replace. Then, you can replace it with any image from your phone's album.


This function is exclusive to WPS Premium members. You can experience it immediately by opening WPS Premium.

For WPS Office on PC, the Edit Image function is more powerful. Download WPS Office on PC and experience it!