How to export a PDF to an image-only PDF

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How to export a PDF to an image-only PDF

How to export a PDF to an image-only PDF

Exporting a PDF to an image-only PDF can protect its content from being searched, modified and edited. WPS can help us export an image-only PDF quickly.

Take this file as an example.

First, click Tools, and select Export to image-only PDF in the File window.

Then select Save location, and we have four paths for choice: WPS Cloud, Google Drive, Add Cloud Storage, and Location.

Here we select WPS Cloud and click Export to image-only PDF.

Wait for preparing document.

When the conversion is finished, we can see a View now button in a hover prompt.

Click View now to open the targeted image-only PDF.

Then click Edit. When selecting Text editor, we can't see edited text on the page. When selecting Edit image, we can edit the PDF by a single page. Now, the PDF pages are presented as pictures.

We can also click the Tools icon on the top right and then select Export to image-only PDF for quick conversion.

Did you get it?

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