Resume Builder : File Export

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Resume Builder : File Export

Resume Builder : File Export

How can we export a resume edited in Resume Builder?

We have two methods  to export the file.

First, in the My resume interface, click the icon on the right side of the resume to export the file. Note, you are also allowed to change the name of your resume. It is wiser to do so at Rename according to the requirements of the delivered post.

Second, after editing your resume online, click Preview and select Export There are two export methods, PDF and Picture.

Among them, PDF is exclusive to the Premium members, while Picture is a free function available for all.

You can choose the export method according to the scenario. If you need to print your resume, PDF is more suitable. Its advantage is that the typesetting layout will be maintained, and secondary editing and modifications are available.The exported PDF will be automatically saved to the WPS Cloud .

If you communicate with the recruiter online, Picture is more suitable, allowing you to send your resume directly, thus making the delivery more efficient. The exported picture will be automatically saved to  your album.

In the Resume Master on the PC, besides PDF and Picture you can also export it to Word or TXT format. Experience it on the PC.

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