Resume Builder: Resume editing records

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Resume Builder: Resume editing records

Resume Builder: Resume editing records

When we edit a resume online, what if we exit editing mode without saving our resume?

Resume Builder in WPS can save resume records in real time. Every time we edit the resume, the resume can be saved in time. We would no longer have to worry about losing our content.

Open Resume Builder and click My resume. Here, we can see all the edited resume records. We can also view the editing progress of resumes.

Select any record, then we continue editing the resume.

Click the symbol to the right of the resume record. Then we can Edit,Copy,Export,Rename,or Delete the resume.

Select Edit to edit this resume again.  

Select Copy to copy the resume. Then the copy of the resume will be opened automatically.  

Select Export, then go to the resume export interface.  

The default name of each resume is My Resume.If we need to distinguish between multiple resume records quickly, we can use the Rename function.

If we don't need this resume record, select Delete.

The Resume Builder function provides more features and easier operations in WPS Office for PC. You are welcome to search for Resume Master on PC and explore it.

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