Resume Builder: Create your professional resume quickly

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Resume Builder: Create your professional resume quickly

Resume Builder: Create your professional resume quickly

A simple and pretty resume is easy for recruiters to read and get key information during a job search.

Open WPS Office, click the New icon and select Resume Builder.

In this interface, we can click Start Up or the “+ icon to create a resume.We can also select a desired template from the Recommend area.Click Start Up to enter the Edit Resume interface.

·Editing Resume Modules

Resume Builder supports 45 languages.

A resume includes six basic modules: Personal information, Experience, Education, Skills, Languages, and Summary.

We can also manage the modules by clickingModule Management in the bottom left corner.According to individual needs, we can add custom sections, delete modules, or restart sorting.

· Editing Resume Information

1. Personal Information

Click Your Name, input your personal information.

Note that we should fill in as much information as possible to enable the company to know about us quickly and contact us soon.

The red asterisks indicate that the information is mandatory and other information is optional.

Finally, click Save.

2. Work Experience

Input your work experience here.

For example, Palette worked as a publicity intern for ABC Company in Thailand from January to December 2019, so he can fill in the information like this.

Then describe your work duties.

Youd better describe the most important part instead of a lot of irrelevant content. Its suggested to display in different points and display your results with concrete values. Here is an example.

Then click Save.

If you dont have work experience, you can just ignore this module.

If you have multiple work experiences, click the + icon in the top right corner and input the relevant information.

Note that by holding down the content, we can edit it again, restart sorting, or delete it.

3. Education

Fill in your educational information here.

When filling in the descriptive information, you can describe from the aspects of academic ranking, awards, scientific research achievements and club activities, etc.  

4. Skills

Fill in your skills here.

Its recommended to display the skills that are relevant to your desired job first.

5. Languages

Knowing more than one languages is a plus in the job hunting.

6. Summary

Here we can display supplementary information, such as habits and self-evaluation.

When we finished, click Preview to select a template.

Sometimes too much text can cover the color blocks of the resume template. At this point, replace it with another template.

Finally, click Export to get the resume.

In addition, the contents are saved in real time when editing. If you quit by mistake, you can find it in the My resume area and continue to edit it.

The Resume Builder function provides more features and easier operations in WPS Office for PC. You are welcome to search for Resume Master on PC and explore it.

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