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Quickly locate and view data

Uploaded time: September 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Quickly locate and view data

Quickly locate and view data

When using WPS Spreadsheet, we often need to locate a cell or a cell range to view data. If the table contains a lot of data, it will be very troublesome to look up the target cell or cell range by dragging the scroll bar with the mouse. Now, we are going to introduce three options to quickly locate cells.

· Option 1

  • Ctrl+Home key can help us quickly locate the first cell of this table.

  • Ctrl+End key can help us quickly locate the last cell of this table.

We are locating at cell O56.

  • Press the Ctrl+up arrow key to locate to the top of the table, that is, cell O1.

  • Ctrl+left arrow key can help us locate to the far left of the table, that is, cell A1.

  • In the same way, Ctrl+Down Arrow Key can locate at the bottom of the table.

  • Ctrl+Right Arrow can locate to the rightmost side of the table.

· Option 2

We can also quickly locate it in the name box.

  • If we want to locate a cell, enter the column and row headings in the name box. Here, we enter H46 and press the Enter key to quickly locate the H46 cell.

  • If we want to locate the cell range, enter the position of the first cell and the last cell of the cell range. Here, we enter C11:H22. Then press the Enter key.

  • If we want to locate multiple non-adjacent cells, enter the labels of the cells, and separate them by commas. For example, A3, B4, C6, then press the Enter key.

· Option 3

1. Use the GoTo feature, then click the Home tab.

2. Click the Find and Replace drop-down button.

3. Select the GoTo option under the drop-down menu, or we can also use the shortcut key Ctrl+G.

4. In the popup GoTo dialog box, we can see that there are nine main features.

There are also two options Constants and Formulas in Data. Constants refers to values that do not include function operations, and Formulas refers to values that include function operations. Below the two options is Data Type, namely includes Numbers, Text, Logical and Errors.

To make it easier to understand, let's take this table as an example. Through observation, we can find that the values in the F2: F9 cell area are calculated by the function formula.

1. Now use the shortcut key Ctrl+G to open the Go to dialog box.

2. Check Constants, and check the four data types below at the same time.

3. Then click Go To.Now, except for the F2:F9 cell area, other areas of the table are all located.

We use the shortcut key Ctrl+G to open the dialog box again. This time we only check Formulas and click Go To. Then only the F2:F9 cell range is located.

Here, I will only introduce part of the features in the Data option. I'm not going to demonstrate the following features one by one. If you want to learn more about the Go To feature, you can join our WPS Academy to learn.

So these are some ways to quickly locate cells in WPS Spreadsheet. This is a very important and practical feature in our daily work. What a practical function! Did you get it?

This skill could be also used in Microsoft Office Excel and Openoffice.

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