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Content layout basics

Uploaded time: September 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Content layout basics

Content layout basics

After we have entered the data, we need to make some basic content layout adjustments to make our table look clearer and more beautiful.

How should we do it? Next, I'm going to do this in five steps.

· 1. Add serial number

The first column of a table usually adds a serial number to make the contents of the table easier to see. Take this table as an example. Select column A, right-click, choose the Insert option to insert a new column in front of the selected column and enter Serial number in cell A1. After entering the number 1, fill cells down with the fill handle.

· 2. Add border

Select the table area, and press the shortcut key Ctrl+1. In the pop-up Format Cells dialog box, select Border, we can set the Style and Color of the border. Here we select an outer border that is slightly thicker than the inner border, and for the table box line to look more beautiful, we can click the View tab, click the View Gridlinesoption above, and cancel the table gridlines.

· 3.Add heading

Select the first row, insert a line above the subheading, and select the cells in the heading area.Click the Home tab, click the Merge and Center button, and enter the desired table heading.

· 4. Set Alignment

In the ribbon, we can see several alignments, which are Align Text Left, Align Text Right, Center, Justify. In order to make the table content neat, we can select Center uniformly.

· 5. Fill color and text color

Select the range of cells we want to adjust, click the Fill Color drop-down button, and choose our favorite color to fill the cells. Then, under the Text Color, choose white, and after we finish setting it up, we'll see that the table is more beautiful.

All above is the basic operation of the table content layout. Did you get it?To be office excel advanced, you could learn how to use WPS Office Spreadsheet online in WPS Academy.

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