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How to extract text before character

August 1, 2022

The Excel now a days roaming around the world, from extracting text to highlighting text, Excel has actually helped us a lot. Not only for text but it includes various types of hacks and formulas for entering data and maintain sheets. Excel has actually removed many stressing projects, just as maintain the balance sheets, or projecting the income statements, or removing or extracting text or might be the highlighting of text also includes under the excel. Through this file you can have learn how to extract text before character. You know at many situations you must need the excel to help you, so you can see the tutorial to learn.

Using MID and FIND functions to extract text from a character


In this method, we have collaborated both mid and find together. We first find out the text and then extract it from the particular cell.

1. First select the particular text. 

2. Then, put the formula on the particular cell, i.e. mentioned above on the bar. Then press enter. Do the exact same procedure for the rest of the three cell.

Using Right, Len and Mid Function to extract text

Just like above, there is also a method through which you can easily extract your letters and text you want. This method refers to the right, Len, and find function in which you have to use the formula:


But its not like the left function and the mid and find function. Every function has its own  qualities to use that’s wht they are the part of excel  to make life more easier and work smoothly without any trouble.

For finding the appropriate extracted text. Select the text you wanted to extract as considered as a partciular text. Then, put the formula in the formula bar. Change the formula according to the  cell number, the whole formula will be same, thr change will be occur only in the cell number. Then, press Enter. Apply on the whole data and then you have your extracted data with you.

Using left function to extract text

For extracting text from the cell we can also use left function. Through this function we can easily extract the number of characters we want. Left function includes three portion, one for the data, another for the number of letter you want to extract and third is the result portion.


You will firstly select the text you want to extract. Then, you will put the formula in the formula bar. Afterwards you just have to change the cell number accordingly. Press Enter, and boom you have easily extracted your text from the given data.

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