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How to find, replace, and locate content

Uploaded time: August 26, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to find, replace, and locate content

How to find, replace, and locate content

When we are using WPS Document to edit documents, there is always a high frequency of using search and replace features. These features not only can help us locate content, and replace it with specified content but also can replace the format of the text. It saves us a lot of time when we are editing the document, and increases the efficiency of work.

Take this document as an example, when we are reading, we may want to quickly know where the character named Bennet has appeared in the text. There, by clicking the Hometab and then theFind and Replacebutton in turn, or use the shortcut key Ctrl+F to directly open the search feature, we can easily select the search range with in Find In.

If we want to mark the word Bennet, we can use the highlight search function. Click Reading Highlight, and then Highlight All. There all the words that have been searched in the document will be highlighted.

Also, sometimes we may want to replace part or all of the specified content in the document. In that case, we can also use this feature. For example, if we want to change the  in the document into ., first click the Find and Replace, and then Replacebutton first, then enter the content that we want to search and replace. After that, click the Replace Allbutton. This feature is very useful when modifying and replacing the contents of documents in batches.

Also, we may sometimes want to quickly locate a certain page of the document in order to quickly check the content. Click theFind and Replace,and thenGo tobutton to locate the target page. Enter the page number, for example, page 2. And then click to locate the needed page. There we can see the document jumping to another page. When jumping to the second page, continue to enter +3 in the input box in order to jump 3 more pages of the document, that is, to locate to page 5. The go tofeature can also be used to locate comments, graphics, etc.

For all, easy our work with WPS Writer. Come and make good use of this practical function!

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