How to fix corrupt ppt file in WPS Office PowerPoint

March 21, 2022

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Have you ever found that the accessibility to an important ppt file is blocked? Are you annoyed at being recommended some unserviceable and expensive applications to fix it? WPS Office will offer a magic bullet to help you fix corrupt ppt files in WPS Office PowerPoint in 5 minutes at most.

The Files Repair function launched in WPS Office will definitely speed up your fixing.

Steps to fix corrupt ppt file in WPS Office PowerPoint

1. Open the corrupt ppt file in WPS Office, and the system will prompt the error.

2. Click the Fix File button to activate the Files Repair function directly.

Note: The Files Repair function can also be found in the Tools tab.

3. WPS system will analyze the file and please wait for a minute.

4. Check the file you want to repair and click Repair.

5. Finally, click View File to view the fixed document!

It's quite easy and convenient to fix a corrupt ppt file in WPS Office PowerPoint. Have you mastered it? Have a try now!

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