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How to insert a chart and edit the chart data in WPS Presentation

Uploaded time: November 3, 2021 Difficulty Intermediate

How to insert a chart and edit the chart data in WPS Presentation

How to insert a chart and edit the chart data in WPS Presentation

When we use PPT for data reporting, we often insert charts to help us further illustrate.

Take this PPT file as an example. So, how can we insert a chart in the slide?

Click the Insert tab above, and then click Chart.

In the pop-up dialog, we can select many different types of charts.

The double-layered doughnut chart provides an intuitive comparison of the changes in the sales data proportion over the past two years. This video takes Doughnut as an example. Click Pie and click Doughnut. Then, a default-style doughnut can be inserted into the slide.

So, how can we edit the chart?

First, create a new chart and edit the contents of the chart.

Step 1:

Click Edit Data. WPS Office will automatically create a new chart called Chart in WPS Presentation.

Step 2:

Enter the chart data of the slide into the new chart. Due to time limits, I have organized the data content in advance in another chart. Now, we can just click to copy the data.

Step 3:

Back to the Chart in WPS Presentation, select cell A1, use the shortcut Ctrl + V to paste the chart content.

When we go back to the presentation file, we find that the chart data in the slide changes accordingly.

At this point, we have added 2019 data, and then we will continue to add 2020 data.

Select the chart, and click the Select Date button.

In the pop-up dialog, click the Add icon to the right of Series.

In the Series name edit box, enter C1, in the Series values edit box, enter C2:C5. Finally, click OK.

When we go back to the WPS Presentation again, a double-layered doughnut chart is basically done.

Next, we need to beautify the chart.

1. Click to select any doughnut in the chart, click SERIES in the task pane on the right, and we can see Doughnut Hole Size under SERIES OPTIONS. Drag the slider under this option to set the inner diameter size to 40%.

2. Click the Chart Element shortcut button in the upper right corner of the chart, and uncheck Chart Title and Data Labels. In this way, the data for each quarter is displayed inside the doughnut.

3. We can change the color of the chart color block according to our personal preference. Select the chart to get into the Chart Tools tab, and click Change Color. Here, WPS Office provides us with a variety of color schemes. We can click one of the color schemes to change the color of the doughnut and beautify the chart.

Now the labels shown on the chart are normal values, how can we do it if we want to change the labels to the percentage of total sales in different years?

Select the number in the doughnut, and click LABEL in the right task pane. In the DATA LABEL OPTIONS area, uncheck Value and check Percentage. In the second doughnut, we repeat the aboveoperation.

Inserting charts to visualize charts in WPS Presentation can make our presentation stand out from others. In addition to doughnut charts, we can also learn to use WPS Office to create clustered columns and pies in WPS Academy.

You will be the amazing reporter with WPS Presentation, which could be an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

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