How to insert attachments in WPS presentation

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How to insert attachments in WPS presentation

How to insert attachments in WPS presentation

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When editing slides, to explain the content more specifically, we sometimes need to add related attachments to the slides. We can use the Insert Attachments feature to directly open the attached files in the slides to avoid switching pages frequently during a presentation. So how can we do that?


Take this work report as an example. To better enumerate the work completed in August, we can insert the WPS Spreadsheet attachment in the slide.

1. Click the Insert tab, then click the File Object button.

2. In the popup window, select the file we want to insert.

3. Then click Open. Now we have inserted it successfully.01.gif

Therefore, when we click the file icon on this page, we can open the attachment directly.02.gif


In addition to WPS Spreadsheet, we can also insert WPS Writer, audio files, video files, and so on. What a practical feature! Let's learn it together!


This skill could be compatible with Microsoft Office PowerPoint.