How to insert video in WPS Presentation

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How to insert video in WPS Presentation

How to insert video in WPS Presentation

When making slides, we can make the presentation look more professional by inserting video adequately in slides. So how can we insert videos?

Take these slides as an example. Click the Insert tab above, and then click Movie. Here, we can choose Local Video or Link Localvideo. The main difference between them is the way of savingthe video files.

Please note that: if we choose Link Localvideo to insert a video, once we send the slides to other devices, WPS Presentation may not be able to play this video, since it is inserted as a local file.

This video will take Local Video as an example. Click Local Video to select the video we want to insert, and then click Open to add it to the slides.

Adjust the video to a suitable position, then click to play the video. Now we can preview the video playback effect.

What a practical feature! Did you get it?

This skilll could be compatible with Microsoft Office powerpoint.