How to trim media in WPS Presentation

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How to trim media in WPS Presentation

How to trim media in WPS Presentation

Tips: you can turn on the volume by clicking

Graphic skills

To give a fluent presentation, we can insert a video into a slide as supplementary material to avoid switching back and forth. In addition to inserting videos, WPS Presentation also supports trimming media.


Take this presentation as an example.

1. Select the video.

2. Then WPS Presentation jumps to Video Tools automatically.

3. Here we can click Volume to set its volume. For example, we choose Low.


4. If we need to trim the beginning and end of the video, click Trim Media.

5. In the Trim Movie dialog, set Start Time and End Time. You can also drag it with your mouse. Then click OK.


What a practical feature! Did you get it?