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How to insert audio in WPS Presentation

Uploaded time: September 22, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to insert audio in WPS Presentation

How to insert audio in WPS Presentation

We often need background music to heighten the atmosphere when giving a speech. So how do we insert audio when making slides?

Take this presentation as an example. Click the Insert tab, and then click Audio.

Here we have four options: Insert Audio, Link to Sound, Background Music, and Link Background Music.

Note that Link to Soundor Link Background Music means that the audio is inserted in the form of a local link. It may not be able to play this audio once the presentation is sent to other devices.

In this tutorial, we will take Insert Audio as an example.

1. Click Insert Audio and select a needed audio file in the pop-up dialog.

2. Click Open to insert it, and then an audio icon appears.

3. Click the icon to enter the Audio Tools tab to customize the audio.

4. Click Volume to select from High,Medium,Low and Mute.

5. If we want to trim the audio file, click Trim Audio to pop up a dialog, where we can set its Start Time and End Time.

6. If we want the trimmed audio to sound more natural and smooth, set Fade in and Fade out for it.

7. In addition, we can choose to play the audio Automatically or On click according to individual needs.

We can also play different music on different slides.

For example, Music 1 is played from Slide 1 to Slide 4, and Music 2 from Slide 4 to Slide 6.

1. Insert Music 1 in the first slide.Then check Play Across Slides: 4 End Slide.

2. Insert Music 2 in the fourth slide,and set it as Play Across Slides: 4 End Slide.

Note that if we want to play different music on different slides, we should first insert the audio in the starting slide and then set Play Across Slides.

If we need to hide the audio icon when playing slides, checkHide During Show.

Lastly, let's show the slides to view the final results.

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