How to hide slides in WPS Presentation

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How to hide slides in WPS Presentation

How to hide slides in WPS Presentation

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Graphic skills

When doing a presentation, how can we hide certain slides during the slide show while keeping them in the document? This video will show you the Hide Slide function in WPS Presentation.


Suppose that we need to hide the second slide, select the preview of it, get into the Slide Show tab, and click Hide Slide. Then we can see the corresponding slide preview greyed out, with a Hide slide icon presenting on the upper-left corner of it.01.gif


In this way, when we click From Current Slide to start the slide shows, the hidden slide(s) will not display on the screen.02.gif


What a practical feature! Did you get it?


You will be the amazing reporter with WPS Presentation, which could be an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.