Using Tab stop to make a slide catalog

Uploaded time: September 24, 2021 Difficulty: Primary

Using Tab stop to make a slide catalog

Using Tab stop to make a slide catalog

Tips: you can turn on the volume by clicking

Graphic skills

When making a slide catalog, we need to typeset the text to make the page look neater. Beginners will use the space bar to align the text one by one, but this is more troublesome. Is there any other way to quickly align the pages?


First we need to click the View tab above, and then check Ruler. The ruler above the slide helps us determine the length of the Tab stop.


Click the Menu drop-down button, and click Format, finally click Paragraph. In the Paragraph dialog box, click the Tabs button at the bottom left.02.gif


In the pop-up Tabs dialog box, we can set Tab stop position as 24cm, and in the Alignment box, we can choose right. After setting it up, click OK. We select the text that needs to add a Tab stop, and click the Tab key on the keyboard to complete making the slide catalog. 03.gif

What a practical feature! Easy your work with WPS Presentation like Microsoft Office powerpoint. Did you get it?