How to set up a slideshow in WPS Presentation

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How to set up a slideshow in WPS Presentation

How to set up a slideshow in WPS Presentation

Before we preview or make a presentation with slides, we should set up the slideshow in advance. So, how are we going to set it?

Take these slides as an example. We first need to click the Slide Show tab at the top and then click the Set Up Show drop-down button. Here, we can set the slideshow as Manual or Auto.

If we want to customize the slideshow settings, click the Set Up Show button. In the popup Set Up Show dialog box, we can also set the show type, multiple monitors, etc...

In Show type, we can select Presented by a speaker and Browsed at a kiosk. What both have in common is that they both can let the presentation appear in full-screen. The difference between them is that in the Presented by a speaker mode, the speaker takes the initiative to control the slide show.

We can set the slides that need to be shown in Show slides. Here, we can choose to show all slides, or show a few slides, such as from 2 to 4.

In Show options, we can choose whether to loop the show according to our needs. In addition, we can choose Pen color and whether to Show Without Animation.

We can choose Manually changing slides or Using timings, if present in Advance slides.

If we want to present a slide show on one monitor and show the speaker's notes on another monitor, we can select Display slide show on and monitor 2 in the Multiple monitors of the Set Up Show dialog interface. Then check Show presenter view. In this way, we can realize the split-screen display during the slide show. For all, easy our work with WPS Presentation. 

So these are the ways to set up a slideshow in WPS Presentation. Did you get it?