How to insert calculated fields in PivotTable

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How to insert calculated fields in PivotTable

How to insert calculated fields in PivotTable

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Take this sales performance table as an example. We want to generate a new column, sales commission based on this PivotTable. (Tips: Sales commission is equal to sales amount multiplied by 0.08.) So, how do we do that?


First, we click the Options tab, and the Fields, Items drop-down button, select Calculated Fields, then the Insert Calculated Field dialog will pop up.


In the Name edit box, input Sales commission. In the Fields area, choose Sales amount. In the Formula edit box, input *0.08. And click OK to add the calculated field of sales commission.


If we want to delete the Sales commission calculated field, select any cell under that field, right-click to pop up the shortcut menu and select the Remove Sum of Sales Commission option.


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