Refresh pivotTable and change data source

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Refresh pivotTable and change data source

Refresh pivotTable and change data source

If we modified the data source after creating a PivotTable, how can we make the contents of the PivotTable change with the data source?

Take this table as an example. We select cell F15 in Sheet1, and change Violin's Total sales to 800. Then we go back to Sheet2 only to find no change in the values of the PivotTable. At this time, we click the Option tab and click the Refresh button to refresh the PivotTable.

If we are afraid of forgetting to refresh the data, click Options in the Options drop-down list. Then click Data and check Refresh data when opening the file. By doing so, the PivotTable will be refreshed every time we reopen it.

But the above method works onlywhen the data is changed, not when we add rows or columns.

For example, we add a row at the bottom of the table in Sheet1.

According to the above method, click Refresh and we find the data in the PivotTable is not refreshed synchronously.

The correct method is to click the Change Data Source button, select the new data source area A1:F16, and click OK to refresh the PivotTable.

These are two methods for refreshing PivotTable synchronously. Did you get them?

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