How to insert comment and notes in Excel

July 20, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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If you need to discuss data with other people, then you should know how to add a note in excel. Notes (formerly called comments in earlier versions of Excel) don't have a Reply box. Notes are just for adding annotations or reminders in cells. It is very helpful to add comments in Excel while working with a group of members or even adding notes is a good practice. Adding comments is useful available in mac and windows system with online and offline versions.

You can add note Excel in offline and in online versions. This feature is available in Excel version 2016 to 2019 and now even in MS Office 365 for both mac and windows.

You can add notes in excel following 3 ways.

How to add note with Right Click

1.Select cell where you need to add comment.

2. Right-click on your selection.

3. Select Insert comment in the expanded menu. 

4. Write comment in comment box.

5. Using Mouse to add notes is usually common among users. That is because users mostly prefer mouse usage over keyboard. Using mouse is frequent and observed to be easier for them. While keyboard shortcuts are even better but less common. Beginners prefer using this feature.

How to add note using shortcuts? 

1.Press Shift+F2

2.Using above key user directly gets a comment box in selected cell. Where he can write his comment for later use. This method is also common, but users are less aware of this method. But this is the fastest and professionals use this one. Limitation of using this feature is that. User need to remember the keys. Which is not common but with the use frequency of usage makes it easier and Users start using short cuts.  

How to add note using Ribbon tab?

1. Select the cell where you want to add comment/note.

2. Select Review tab from the Ribbon Tab.

3. Click New Comment.

4. Type comment in the comment box.

Using Ribbon is also common and new users prefer this so that they can explore this method. So, they can understand and explore other related methods and get familiar with other amazing features of WPS Excel. These methods would help user to add comments in Excel. Adding comments and notes in Excel is very useful nowadays, almost every user must add some key points for later use. He may also be working in a group so instead of using any other application for run time chats. Using comments and notes are a blessing. Main Purpose of providing so many ways  is to alternate among the choice of  ways for performing a task.

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