How to insert hyperlink in Word online

July 22, 2022

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When using document creation and editing software, not only its visual environment is important, but also the functions it may have. One of the advantages of Word is that it allows you to insert links, which is why you should know how to insert a hyperlink in Word.

It is important to be aware of how you insert hyperlink in Word since this allows you to create specific links in the document that work to redirect to an external page. This is very useful when mentioning a web page in the document.

How to insert hyperlink in word shortcut?

You insert a hyperlink in Word using a certain set of keys that can be pressed on the keyboard. You can learn how to do it with the following instructions.

1. Open the desired Word document. Press the “CTRL” and “K” keys together. In this way, an options menu will open.

2. In the options panel, select “Existing file or web page. In the address bar, enter the link or path of the file of your choice and press accept.

How to insert hyperlink in word 2019?

In a Word file, it is very useful how do you insert hyperlink in Word to be able to use them in many ways. You can select elements that are in the same document to be able to target the specified area much more effectively.

1. With the Word file selected, select the item or Word you want to link to.

2. Select the “Insert” tab.

3. Go to “Links” and select the “Bookmark” option.

4. Type a name for the bookmark that is easy to identify and press OK. Select the second element that you want to be linked to.

5. Now select the Hyperlink option and go to the “Place of this document” section, and you will be able to see the bookmarks. Select the desired bookmark and press “OK” both elements will be linked.

How to insert hyperlink in word on mac devices?

If you are a Mac user, the idea is that you learn how to insert a hyperlink in Word since it will be a great tool that you can use. To create hyperlinks on these devices, you can do it as follows.

1. Select the item you want to insert the hyperlink to. Go to the “Insert” section to go to “Hyperlink” later.

2. A menu will open where you can add hyperlinks in various ways, select “Web page or file. Enter the address of the hyperlink to add. Click “OK,” and your hyperlink will be created.

How to insert hyperlink in word document?

How you insert hyperlink in Word is very useful for many users. Still, there is also a percentage of users who do not want them to be added automatically. This way, you will learn how to disable hyperlinks in any document.

1. Go to the “Home” tab.

2. Select the “Options” section and then go to “Review.”

3. Click on “Autocorrect options,” and a new menu will open.

4. Select the “Autoformat as you type” section and uncheck the box for “Network and Internet paths by hyperlinks.” Press accept, and the hyperlinks will be automatically disabled.

Although it is important to know how to insert hyperlink in Word, you should not forget that you can count on many other editing options when using the WPS office, download it and start creating your documents.

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