How to lock and unlock cells in WPS Spreadsheet

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How to lock and unlock cells in WPS Spreadsheet

How to lock and unlock cells in WPS Spreadsheet

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If you have a worksheet for others to fill in, while you don't want certain important data to be modified, the Protect sheet function in WPS Spreadsheet can help you.


To lock the entire sheet, get into the Review tab first. If you see the Lock Cell button grayed out, it means that the entire sheet has been locked by default.

Next, click the Protect Sheet button, set the password, and click Confirm the setting. Then the sheet formally enters a locked state, and the sheet cannot be edited.

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To put it simply, the Lock Cell function can only take effect when the Protect Sheet function is turned on. These two functions can only be used together.


What should we do if we don't want to lock the whole sheet and just want to open the yellow area for editing?

First, select the yellow area in the sheet, click Lock Cell. When the button color turns to white, it means the yellow area has been unlocked. Then, click the Protect Sheet button, the yellow area can be modified at will, and other areas are still protected. 

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If we only need to lock a certain area of the sheets, click the inverted triangle symbol in the upper left corner for selecting all. Then we can see the Lock Cell button turning white, which means the entire sheet has been unlocked.

Finally, select the area to be locked and click the Protect Sheet button, so that the selected area will be protected.

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