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How to make a cover letter for a resume in WPS Office Word

July 31, 2023

Unsure how to make a cover letter pairing well with your resume? This free tutorial in WPS Official Academy guides you to make a nice cover letter for a resume in WPS Office Word.

An outstanding cover letter for a job application could land you an interview opportunity.

lWhat is a cover letter for a resume in WPS Office Word?

A cover letter is usually a one-page document you send to the employer with your resume, which aims at providing a basic overview of your work experience, personal skills and the reason why you're suitable for this occupation opening. A resume focuses on your achievements and skills, while a cover letter showcases your personality and makes some extension to a large extent.

The submission of a cover letter along with the resume is not mandatory; however, many employers use it to evaluate your capabilities, passion, etc.

lSteps to make a cover letter for a resume in WPS Office Word.

ØBe aware of what a successful cover letter contains

A complete and attractive cover letter should be composed of the following details:

Contact Information

Salutation (addressing the manager)

An Open Paragraph (including the company name, job position, how it's discovered, intention to apply, etc.)

Your qualifications and the matching degree to the company's needs

A concise closing paragraph expressing your expectations and gratitude



ØTypeset a professional cover letter in WPS Office Word

1. Adjust alignment.

In the Home tab, click the Align Text Left button to align all the text to the left. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+L.


2. Adjust font.

Press Ctrl+A to select all the content in the text box, and press Ctrl+D to pop up the Font dialog, where you can change font and size in the Latin text font area.

Here are some recommended professional fonts available in WPS Writer.

Times New Roman






3. Adjust line spacing.

Press Ctrl+A to select all, right-click and select Paragraph.

In the pop-up dialog, set Line Spacing to an appropriate value based on your word amount and margins.


4. Export the cover letter to PDF.

Go to the Tools tab, click Export to PDF, set Save Path and Export Type, and click Export to PDF.

ØRefer to a cover letter template in WPS Office Word

Alternatively, WPS provides you with a plenty of cover letter templates in Template Store.

1. Open WPS Office, and click the Templates button.

2. Enter cover letter in the search box, and click to use a suitable template.

3. Now you can flexibly edit the content of cover letter which is already perfectly typeset.

Note: The WPS Template Premium members enjoy more professional and exquisite templates. Subscribe for WPS Premium right now!

Until now, we have learned how to make a cover letter for a resume in WPS Office Word step by step. If you're interested in more detailed operations about typesetting of a functional document, feel free to refer to WPS Academy!

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