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How to use tabs to align text quickly in WPS Writer

Uploaded time: August 29, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to use tabs to align text quickly in WPS Writer

How to use tabs to align text quickly in WPS Writer

The function of Tabs in WPS Writer allows us to adjust the position of the text when typing by setting the horizontal Ruler, in order to align the text and symbols. And, it could be also used in Microsoft Office Word and Openoffice. How can we use the function of Tabs?

If the ruler is not displayed in the document, we can click the View tab > Ruler.

The number on the Ruler represents the number of characters, and the page width on the current page is 41 characters width.

Take this document as an example. If we want to align the price positions of this menu, we can select this part and click the Tabs button under the Home tab. In the pop-up dialog box, we can see the Tab stop position, Default tab stops, Alignment, and Leader styles.

According to this range, enter the character position where the price is to be placed in the Tab stop position dialog box. Select Left for Alignment, select the fifth style for Leader, and click the OK button after setting up.

Return to the text, click the position before the price, and the Tab key to align the price quickly for a better layout.

If we do not need to have set the Tabs, select this part of the content, and click Clear under the Tabs dialog box.

The function of Tabs can also be applied in copywriting, typesetting, paper editing, making indexes and tables. Come and learn it.

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