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How to align shapes in WPS Presentation

Uploaded time: November 4, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to align shapes in WPS Presentation

How to align shapes in WPS Presentation

You will be the amazing reporter with WPS Presentation, which could alternative to Microsoft powerpoint.

Learning to align the shapes in WPS Presentation can make the layout easier.So how to use the function of Align?

Select the shapes to be aligned, click the Drawing Tooltab, and then click the Alignbutton. In the Align drop-down menu, you can set the alignment as needed.

Note: same alignment settings show different effects with different reference objects. Here are three different ways to set reference objects.

1. Manually select the reference objects.

Press the Ctrl key while selecting the shapes to be aligned. The last selected figure will be the reference.

As you can see, the rectangle in the lower-left corner of the slide is our last selected shape. After clicking the Alignbutton and selecting Align Left, all the shapes will be left-aligned with this rectangle as the reference.

2. Use Bring to Front to set reference.

When we select shapes in batches either dragging the mouse or using the shortcut key Ctrl+A, WPS demonstration will take the front shape as a reference by default. At this point, we only need to bring the reference to the front layer before batch selection.

For example, we can select the Star in the middle of the slide and bring it to the front. Then, select the shapes in batches and click the Align Center button. All shapes will be centred with the star as the reference.

3. Take slides as the reference.

If we want to take the slide page as the reference, click the Align button and then click Relative to Slide.

After setting, select all shapes again and click the Align Left button, the shapes will be aligned to the leftmost side of the slide.

Apart from Align Left, other alignment options include its reverse operation,Align Rightand Align Center in the horizontal direction.

Vertically, you can arrange objects by clicking Align Top, Align Middle and Align Bottom.


When modifying, are you still adjusting the items on your slide one by one when you want to unify their size? It's neither time-saving nor can promise the consistency of shapes. In this case, we can use the functions of Equal Height Equal Width and Equal Size.

Select the shape to be unified one by one. The last selected shape is the reference.

Click the Alignbutton, then click Equal Size.

At this point, we have unified the chosen shapes into the same size.

When making catalogue pages for your slides, dragging elements to make them equally spaced takes time, why not try Distribute Vertically to align?

Select the shapes to be adjusted, click theAlignbutton, then click Distribute Vertically. That's where WPS Office can help. With one click, the shapes can be equally spaced in the vertical direction.

The same operations also apply for horizontal arrangement. Select the shapes, then click thr Alignment button. Finally, choose Distribute Horizontally .

Furthermore, Grid and Guides offers you an easier way to design slide layout. More tips about Grid and Guides are available in WPS Academy.

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