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How to merge cells and keep all data in Excel

February 13, 2023

I'll outline many methods in this article for merging two cells in Excel without erasing any data. You cannot merge two cells in Excel using the Merge & Center command without erasing data. You must employ some skill and methods.

In the below image you find that there is a database in an excel sheet of first names and last name which will use to merge cells and keep all data in excel.

Firstly, we will use merge and centre method to find merge cells and keep all data in excel.

1) The first step is to make specified data in excel where we perfume further.

2) After that on the top of spreadsheet the HOME ribbon is showing click on it several more options will appear then click merge and centre, when you click on it more option will pop up click on merge cells but before clicking on merge select the cells which you want to merge.

3) The third step is that when you click on merge cells the selected data will merge automatically like this.

How to merge cells and keep all data by another method.

This is also another method by which we can easily merge cells and keep all data in excel.

To perform this function, we have to follow some steps by steps instructions.

1) Make a data base in excel on which we perform the excel feature to merge and keep all data in it.

2) After that click the right button of your mouse and you find many options in it, after that click on format cells, after that a new window will appear with many options click on the top of alligment and then again few options will appear, mark on merge cells.

3) But before marking on merge cells, select the cells in which you like to merge, and automatically after clicking OK the selected cell will be merge like this.

Congratulations, you again merge cells and keep all data with another feature of excel.

using the FLASH FILL function.

This is also a function by which we can we can merge cells and keep all data using the flash fill method, this function does not have the commas in the combined data like this.

This need to perform some steps.

1) First we will manually separate the data like I put JOE ROOT in cell C4 and 1960 in cell D4.

2) Then select the rest of the cells in the first column. I select all cells from cells C4 to C7. Then go to data you find the fill option and when you press it an option will pop up, click on flash fill, your all the student’s names will appear in C4 to C7 cells.

3) Same step to follow for Student ID.

You simply merge cells and keep all data in excel using the flash fill method by following all the above guidelines.

You can also find this feature in the latest excel versions 2016/2018/2019 spreadsheet, where you can easily find how to merge cells and keep all data in excel.

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