How to merge sheets with the same name

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How to merge sheets with the same name

How to merge sheets with the same name

In WPS Spreadsheet, there are many ways to merge worksheets. Do you know how to merge worksheets of the same name correctly?

Take this workbook as an example, and you can find three worksheets that record students' scores in mathematics, physics, and chemistry respectively.

Teachers need to extract the scores of mathematics, physics, and chemistry from these three classes and then put the scores of each subject in different workbooks. What can we do?

First, click the Data tab, click the Merge Sheet drop-down button, and select the Merge Worksheets with the same name in workbooks option. In the pop-up dialog box, click Add file to add the other two workbooks that contain class grades.

Check all options here because we want to merge the scores of all three classes.

At Merge from row, we choose the number 1 and then click Start merging. Wait a moment, and a new merged file will pop up. We can check the report data of the merged file and jump to the merged position.

The table will be merged from the first row because we just entered the number 1 at Merge from row.

So the header row is saved.

In the merged table, worksheets with the same name in all workbooks are merged together.

Click the Math sheet, then we can see the math scores of class one, class two, and class three.

This also applies to physics and chemistry scores.

This is all about how to merge worksheets with the same name. Did you get it?