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How to print envelopes on word for mac

July 22, 2022

Those who constantly work with sending letters by traditional mail use tools of already created formats to save time. One of the most recommended alternatives today knows how technology works and how to print envelopes in Word with this program.

It is one of the best-known systems today, providing the opportunity for those with access to it to facilitate many things in the future. Knowing how to print envelopes on Word is not usually very interesting, but if you work with correspondence daily and you have to send envelopes, you will discover how to do it here.

How to print envelopes on Word from a plain blank sheet?

If you have never made an envelope and do not know how to print envelopes word 2010, here, you can do it in several simple steps, applying to other more current versions.

  1. Enter the new document in Word and click on Correos to enter Envelopes.

  1. You will see 2 boxes in the dialog window where you must enter the Delivery Address and Return Address as in any other letter.

  1. Tap Options.

4. Go to the Envelope Size dropdown menu and choose the one you will use, like Size 10. Then in Preview, confirm the impression you will make according to the measure you chose.

5. Go to the Printing Options tab. In Feeding Method, choose the location of the envelope on the sheet and the feed tray, and then press Accept and Print.

How do print envelopes on Word in several quantities of the same document?

On many occasions, it is necessary to know how to print envelopes on Word free from various times of recipients, being a task to be done within the same document with ease.

  1. After entering the document in the Shipping tab and Envelopes, enter the Delivery Address and Return Address for the first recipient and click Add to document.

  1. Tap Design, Page Setup, and then Breaks. There, click Next Page in the Section Breaks list.

Note: Repeat the steps to add each recipient to finish how to print envelopes on word 2013 and save the document to add more or Print later.

How to print envelopes on Word from Mac system using Pages?

There are various options available for how to print envelopes on Word on mac. In this opportunity, you will learn how to do it from Pages, the pre-installed word processing program in macOS that facilitates this task with templates in the following way:

1. When you enter Pages, click on Stationery in Choose a template and double click on the template you want to use.

2. Write the description of the sender and recipient in the corresponding places in the template and press File and Print.

3. In the print dialog box, verify that the printer you will use is selected, and then click Print.

You can apply these 3 processes of how to print envelopes on word 2016, and with other versions you prefer, even on the Mac devices, you are using. The envelopes will be under the chosen measures, and you can make as many as you prefer in a fast and safe printing after having mentalized the entire process of how to print envelopes in Word.

In addition to the above operations, you can also use a simpler operation way, download WPS Office, to get a more relaxed and enjoyable office experience.

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