How to rotate text in WPS Writer

October 20, 2021

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· Option 1:

1. Use WPS Office to open the document.

2. Click the Page Layout tab the Text Direction button.

3. We can select the text direction as needed, such as Horizontal Text Box, Vertical from Right to Left, Vertical from Left to Right, Rotate All Text 90°, Rotate All Text 270°, or Rotate Asian Characters 270°.

4. We can also click the Text Direction Options to preview the text rotation effects.

· Option 2:

1. Use WPS Office to open the document, and copy the text that needs to be rotated.

2. Click the Home tab the Paste drop-down button the Paste Special option.

3. In the popup dialog box, click Picture (Windows Metafile), and click the OK button.

4. We can rotate the text by clicking the rotating handle above the picture.

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