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Rotate slides from landscape to portrait

June 6, 2023

Welcome to WPS academy. Sometimes we have a problem when using PowerPoint: how can we change the orientation of slides? Can we rotate PowerPoint slide  from landscape to portrait?  This article will explain how to change presentation slide from landscape to portrait in WPS Office.

Steps to Rotate slides from landscape to portrait in WPS Presentation.

1. Open the presentation that you want to change PowerPoint orientation.

2.  Click the Design tab, and choose the Page Setup button

3.  In the Page Setup dialog, choose the Portrait option under the category of Orientation – Slides.

4. Notes: In this step, users can also customize other page settings, such as paper size. In this case, we choose A4.

5. Click OK to apply the changes.  

6. And you can set the size of the slide. In this case, we choose Ensure Fit to zoom slide to make sure its content fit the new slide.

Then, we rotate all the slides in this presentation from landscape to portrait.

What is the landscape and portrait in WPS Presentation?

Landscape and Portrait refer to the orientation of the PowerPoint page. In WPS Office, the main difference between landscape and portrait slide orientation is that landscape slide are greater in width  than height, while portrait slides are greater in height than width.

More operations about slide editing in WPS Presentation

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