How to set bullets in WPS Presentation

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How to set bullets in WPS Presentation

How to set bullets in WPS Presentation

Adding bullets to the text content can play a role in highlighting andmake our slides look more layered. So, how can we add bullets?

Select the text content that needs to be added with bullets, click the Home tab above, and then click the Bullets button. Here, we can see the various preset bullets animations provided by WPS. We can also set the color and size of the bullets as needed.

If there is no required bullet, we can click Bullets first and then click More Bullets. In the pop-up Bullet and Numbering dialog box, we can insert pictures as bullets. Click Picture, choose the picture you like, and finally click Open to complete the addition of bullets.

In addition, we can also customize the bullets. Open the Bullet and Numbering dialog box, click Customize, choose a symbol you like and add it.

What a practical feature! Easy your work with WPS Presentation like  Microsoft Office powerpoint. Did you get it?