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How to share an excel file in excel for multiple users

July 22, 2022

Excel is the most used software program in this era. Most of the people related to the fields of business and accounting are using excel for different work purposes such are storing and arranging data, creating graphs and analyzing financial data.

Sharing excel files is an important aspect in every field of work. By sharing excel files we allow the receiver to access the shared document and make necessary amendments accordingly. Before the introduction of this feature in excel people used to transfer their documents through emails. It was a time consuming process which created non editable copy of files. Due to this method the files containing errors were not corrected which resulted in the production of false data. The feature of sharing files in excel is a much convenient method. The documents can easily be shared after completion and are created in editable copies. In this article we will discuss some easy ways of sharing files in excel.

How to share files in excel using share workbook

Our excel tabs consist an option of share workbook. It is a common feature of excel that allow the users to share their files. It consists of some simple and easy steps that are required for sharing documents.

This method works best with 2016/2019 versions.

  1. First, we will go to review tab and click the option of share workbook or we can simply write share workbook in the search tab.

  2. Then we will click the option of allow changes that will enable the merging if different workbooks.

  3. After that we will save our excel file on the network location by using Crtl + S and our desired file will be shared which will be easily accessed by the receiver.


How to share an excel file using OneDrive

Another method to share excel file is by using OneDrive. It is an easy and quite accessible method.

This method works best with 2016/2019 versions.

  1. First, we will click on the menu button then we will select the option of share.

  2. Then we will invite the people with whom we want to collaborate and share our file by typing their email address.

  3. We will then click the option of share and our file will be delivered.

This method will allow the users to share files just by entering email address. It is a quite convenient way of sharing files.

How to protect the shared work book

Once a workbook is shared it should be protected so that no other user could edit the change history or erase the workbook from shared use. By protecting excel file the access of the file will be limited and the receiver will get a tracked file and can only edit a limited data.

This method works best with 2016/2019 versions.

  1. First, we will go to the review tab and click the option of protect and share work book.

  2. Then we will create a strong password and our file will be protected.

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