How to split PDF file into multiple pages quickly in WPS Office

March 11, 2022

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Are you ready to master how to split PDF file into multiple pages quickly in WPS Office? After learning this WPS free tutorial, you will be advanced from a beginner in WPS PDF.

The following steps are How to split PDF file into multiple pages quickly in WPS Office.

· Steps to split PDF quickly in WPS Office.

1. Open the PDF file you need to split.

2. Go to the Page tab > Split PDF.

3. Select the PDF file to split.

4. Set the Page range, and set the splitting method at Split by.

5. Set the location to save the split PDF file at Save as location.

6. Click Split.

With these steps, you are able to split PDF quickly and freely. Did you get it?

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· What is WPS PDF

If you love reading PDF and editing PDF, WPS Office's powerful PDF module is the best choice you could ever make. The free PDF moduleis a handy tool for reading PDF, taking annotation, compressing PDF files, converting PDF to JPG, splitting PDF, highlighting specific passages, searching, processing and editing PDF documents.

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