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How to use the selection feature

Uploaded time: September 28, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to use the selection feature

How to use the selection feature

The selection feature in WPS Writer is diversified and can meet a variety of needs.

· Select All

Take this document as an example. Click the Select drop-down button in the Home tab, and click Select All to select the whole text, or use the shortcut key Ctrl+A.Now click any area with the mouse to cancel the selection.


Here are some other shortcuts for text selection:

1. Double-click the mouse quickly. Then WPS Writer will automatically select the byte, that is, a word.

2. First select a certain document area, hold down the Ctrl key and then drag to select other areas. Now we can select discontinuous areas of the document at the same time.


3. Place the cursor at the beginning of the line and press the Shift + Down arrow key to select a line of text.

4. Place the cursor at the beginning of the line and press the Ctrl + Shift + down arrow key to select a paragraph.


· Select Objects

Generally, we will click the text boxes one by one and hold down the Ctrl key to select. This method is time-consuming and error-prone. In the Select drop-down list, click Select Objects, then we can quickly select the text box graphics. To deselect the cursor, double-click another area of the document.


· Select Table with Dashed Borders

When we select the table area, we may select other text areas by mistake. Click Select Table with Dashed Borders in the Select drop-down list to select the table area in the document. This feature is invalid for non-table area selection. To cancel this selection, we need to click Select Table with Dashed Borders again.


· Select All Text With Similar Formatting

If the document contains different fonts or formats, and we want to select all text with the same formatting quickly, we can first place the mouse on the font format we want to select. Click Select All Text With Similar Formatting in the Select drop-down list. Here, we can quickly select all the contents using the same font format in the entire document.


· Selection Pane

We can click Selection Pane in the Select drop-down list. In the window on the right, double-click the object title area to change the object file name. Click the object. Then we can quickly locate the corresponding location in the document.

We can also click the button to the right of the object title to hide the object.Or click to hide all below.


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