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How to use the Smart Split Columns feature

Uploaded time: August 31, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to use the Smart Split Columns feature

How to use the Smart Split Columns feature

The Smart Split Columns feature of the WPS Spreadsheet can divide the table content into columns according to the table content in four ways.

· Delimiter:

Take this table as an example. If we look through the table carefully, we can find that although the cells contain a lot of data, the data are all separated by space.

1. Now click Text to Columns in the Data tab, and click Smart Split Columns.

2. After a dialog box pops up, we can view the result of Smart Split Columns in the preview window.

In general, the WPS Spreadsheet will intelligently judge the splitting rules based on the content. However, in some cases, we still need to select other methods for splitting manually.

2. Click Manually Split Columns ,then Select the space in Recommendation,and finally, click Finish.

· Text Type:

We can also split columns according to these three types: Chinese, numbers, and English. By observing, we can find that the data in the table is mainly composed of numbers and English.

1. Select the area, then click Smart Columns.

2. Select Text Type, and check Numbers and English at the same time.

3. Click Finish.

4. Now we can split columns successfully.

· By Keyword:

We can also use keywords to split the table content.

1. Select the area, click Smart Split Columns, and select By Keyword. We can enter keywords in the Keyword column. For example, a.

2. Then select the split column position.

3. Click Finish. Now we can split columns successfully.


· Fixed Width:

The width of some data is fixed, for Instance, date, job number, phone number... These are all regular data and can all be split according to width. Suppose we now want to split a large series of numbers into different columns.Click Smart Columns, and select Fixed Width. We can now enter an integer greater than 0 in the column line position according to our needs.

Or we can also drag and drop directly in the preview window to create a new column line.

The key of the Smart Split Column feature is to choose the correct basis and method of splitting. We could learn more how to use WPS Office Spreadsheet online in WPS Academy. Did you get it?

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