How to use WPS Smart Forms to collect information?

August 16, 2022

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Imagine you are an executive, and now you need to survey hundreds of people throughout the company for basic information and opinions about a particular event. Still struggling with how to make handout questionnaires? WPS Smart Form is your must-have!

How to find access to Smart Form?

Click Apps on the Home page, select Smart Form to enter the new page, and then click New Form to create a brand new form ~ You can choose to create a blank form directly, or refer to the various form templates we provide!

How to custom a Form?

After entering the form making page, we can see a very simple interface with several panels:

First is the title, below which you can edit the usage scenarios;

The middle section is the editing area for different question panels, and below each question you can further elaborate them.

The Add area on the right side provides six question types including Answer, Multiple choice, Checklist, Picture, Grade, and Date. You can develop personalized questionnaires from these six types according to your needs ~

Of course, if the initiator of Form also want to participate in the survey, click on the Setting beneath, select the Reminder, and check the Push to me, so that the system will remind them to fill this form.

It deserves noting that, sometimes there are people who forget to answer some questions. How to remind them? Don't worry! You can set if the question is required or not on the right bottom of the panels. Also, you can change the question types on the left.

How to share and collect the Form?

When finishing your form, click the Send which allows you to share you form in 3 ways, including Copy LinkEmailand Twitter.

Having sent it successfully, the form you built will appear in My Forms. Click the three dots on the right, where you can make a copy, stop collecting or delete your form.

Click each form you can see the collection situation. Moreover, you can export the data in one click~

Above is the tutorial on the Smart Form. You can never worry about making forms or collecting information anymore ~ Have you learned it?