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How to Copy Chart from Google Forms to Word

June 27, 2023

Google Forms is a powerful tool for creating and distributing online surveys and quizzes. One of the key features of Google Forms is the ability to create charts and graphs based on the responses received. These charts can provide valuable insights into the data collected and can be a great way to visually communicate the results to others. However, when it comes to copying these charts into other documents such as Word, users may encounter some challenges.

WPS Office includes a Writer program that is similar to Microsoft Word and allows users to insert charts and graphs created in Google Forms directly into their documents. The process is relatively straightforward, and users can follow similar steps as those outlined in our previous article to copy and paste the chart.

WPS Office offers a range of other useful features, such as built-in PDF conversion, cloud storage integration, and a variety of templates and themes to choose from. WPS Office can be an excellent option for those looking for a free and reliable alternative to Microsoft Office for how to copy charts from Google Forms in Word.

Steps on how to copy chart from Google Forms to Word

Here are the steps on how to copy chart from Google Forms to Word WPS:

Step 1

Open your Google Forms account and select the form containing the chart you want to copy.

Step 2

Click on the "Responses" tab and select the "Summary" option to view the chart.

Step 3

Right-click on the chart and choose "Copy" from the dropdown choices.

Step 4

Open WPS Writer and create a new document or open an existing one where you want to insert the chart.

Step 5

Place your mouse pointer where you want to stick it in the chart and right-click. From the dropdown menu, select "Paste" or use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+V."

Step 6

The chart should now appear in your document. You can adjust the size and formatting of the chart as needed using the options in the "Chart Tools" tab that appears when you click on the chart.

Step 7

Save your document, and you're done!

By following these steps, you can easily know how to copy a chart from Google Forms to Word using WPS Office.



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More About how to copy a chart from Google Forms to Word

Copying charts from Google Forms to Word can be a useful tool for presenting data in a visually appealing way, whether for academic or professional purposes. With the help of WPS Office, this process is simple and hassle-free and allows you to focus on the content of your report rather than the mechanics of copying and pasting data.

With WPS Office, how to copy chart from google forms to Word is not at all a tough task to do as its simple and easy features allows you to do this within a second. It has many advantages you can use it for free on mac, Android & Windows or even your Mobile phone through App.

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