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Layout skill-How can we split columns

Uploaded time: August 27, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Layout skill-How can we split columns

Layout skill-How can we split columns

When using WPS Writer to create a layout in Word, we sometimes may want to split the content into two columns. So how are we going to make it?

First click the upper tab Page Layout and click Columns. At this time, you can directly select whether you want to spilt the content into one column (One), two columns (Two), or three columns (Three).

If you need to customize the column settings, just click More Columns to view more detailed options. There are five column styles in Preset, namely: one column (One), two columns (Two), three columns (Three), split to the left (Left), and split to the right (Right). Among them, split to the left and split to the right are designed for the two columns.

Width and Spacing can be set in the Culumns dialog box. By default, the width of each column is equal. If you want to set the column width to be unequal, just uncheck Equal column width.By checking Line between, you can add a dividing line at the spacing of each column.

There are also three options for you to choose when you want to apply the settings to the text: Selected, This point forward, and Whole document.

Suppose I want to split the second paragraph of the document into two columns.

1. Place the mouse cursor at the beginning of the second paragraph first.

2. Click Columns, and click More Columns.

3. Click Two and choose Selected.

4. Finally, click OK.

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