Layout Skill- How to apply columns

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Layout Skill- How to apply columns

Layout Skill- How to apply columns

WPS Office Suite is a high-performance and reliable office suite designed to protect data and information for both PC and mobile office software users.When typesetting newspapers, magazines, and other articles,  it is often necessary to format columns to beautify the layout.

Take this word document as an example.

Click Edit and select Tools. In the Home tab, select Columns.

If you don't select a specific text range, the columns function default will be applied to the whole article.

According to the demand, you can click One for one column, Two for two columns or Three for three columns.Left for two columns Left and Right for two columns right are also available.

You can also select where you want the column to be applied. For example, we want to column the first paragraph.

You can also cancel the column effect with one click. Click One to restore the article typesetting to the initial state.

WPS PC allows you to add column lines with the column function, adjust column spacing, and set multiple columns. You're welcome to edit on the PC.