Master the Alt key to work efficiently

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Master the Alt key to work efficiently

Master the Alt key to work efficiently

When working with tables, skillful use of shortcut keys can greatly improve our work efficiency.

Today, we will learn some tips about the Alt shortcut key.

· 1. Wrap text automatically

Take the table as an example. The text of the title is too long. So, we need to wrap it. Select the cell and hold down Alt+Enter at the position where it needs to wrap.

· 2. One-click AutoSum

If Weekly Total is required for each assembly line, select cell area J3:J13, and press Alt+= to sum with one click.

· 3. Create a table quickly

After summation, we need to make a bar chart to better interpret the data. In this chart, we want to observe the data of assembly lines 1 to 3. Select the cell area B2:I5 and press the Alt+F1 shortcut key to  generate a bar chart as required quickly.

· 4.Pick from drop-down list

In this table, when we need to add assembly lines, select cell B21, hold down Alt+ down,then all the contents  entered in this column will be displayed in the drop-down menu of the table, sparing us the repetitive works to enter them again.

· 5. Select the visible cells

In this table, we have hidden several rows of data. When selecting the cell areas to be copied and pasting them in Sheet2, we can find that the hidden cell data are pasted, too.

To avoid this, go back to Sheet1, select the cell areas we just selected, hold down Alt+; then you can choose visible cell areas, then holds down the Ctrl+C key to copy and paste them in Sheet2. This time, we cannot find the hidden cells here.

The above are a few tips about Alt keys. Did you get it?